Timeline of Exhibitions
Below is a chronological listing of New Museum exhibitions from 1977 to the present. For more information on individual exhibitions, click on the individual title.
“Pipilotti Rist: Pixel Forest”
"Pia Camil: A Pot for a Latch"
"Pia Camil: A Pot for a Latch" [Duplicate]
"Cheryl Donegan: Scenes and Commercials"
"Anri Sala: Answer Me"
"Beatriz Santiago Muñoz: Song, Strategy, Sign"
"Andra Ursuţa: Alps"
"Cally Spooner: On False Tears and Outsourcing"
"Eva Papamargariti: Factitious Imprints"
“Goshka Macuga: Time as Fabric”
"Nicole Eisenman: AL-UGH-ORIES"
“Simone Leigh: The Waiting Room”
"The Keeper"
"2015 Triennial: Surround Audience"
"The Great Ephemeral"
“Albert Oehlen: Home and Garden”
"Leonor Antunes: I Stand Like A Mirror Before You"
"Sarah Charlesworth: Doubleworld"
"Barbara Rossi: Poor Traits"
"Histories of Sexuality"
"Wynne Greenwood: “Kelly”"
"Jim Shaw: The End is Here"
"Museum as Hub: Report on the Construction of a Spaceship Module"
"Occupied Territory: A New Museum Trilogy"
"Paweł Althamer: The Neighbors"
"Laure Prouvost: For Forgetting"
“Hannah Sawtell: ACCUMULATOR”
“Jeanine Oleson: Hear, Here”
"Talking Back: The Audience in Dialogue"
"Ragnar Kjartansson: Me, My Mother, My Father, and I"
"Roberto Cuoghi: Šuillakku – corral"
“Camille Henrot: The Restless Earth”
"David Horvitz: Gnomons"
"Here and Elsewhere"
Gerard & Kelly: P.O.L.E.
"Lili Reynaud-Dewar: Live Through That?!"
"Chris Ofili: When Shadows Were Shortest"
"Chris Ofili: Night and Day"
"Museum as Hub: Walking Drifting Dragging"
"NYC 1993: Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star"
“Museum as Hub: Center for Historical Reenactments: After-after Tears”
“Erika Vogt: Stranger Debris Roll Roll Roll”
"Llyn Foulkes"
"Ellen Gallagher: Don’t Axe Me"
"Pushing the Limits"
"Chris Burden: Extreme Measures"
"Performance Archiving Performance"
"Brian Bress: Status Report"
"Enrico David: Head Gas"
The Generational Triennial: "The Ungovernables"
"Dani Gal: Nacht und Nebel"
"The Parade: Nathalie Djurberg with Music by Hans Berg"
"Phyllida Barlow: siege"
"Stanya Kahn"
"Ellen Altfest: Head and Plant"
"Klara Lidén: Bodies of Society"
"Tacita Dean: Five Americans"
"Museum as Hub: Carlos Motta: We Who Feel Differently"
"Pictures from the Moon: Artists’ Holograms 1969–2008"
“Ghosts in the Machine”
"Come Closer: Art Around the Bowery, 1969–1989"
"Haroon Mirza: Preoccupied Waveforms"
“Jonathan Horowitz: Your Land/My Land: Election ’12”
"Judith Bernstein: HARD"
“Rosemarie Trockel: A Cosmos”
"George Condo: Mental States"
"Lynda Benglis"
"Shirana Shahbazi"
"After Hours: Murals on the Bowery"
"Cronocaos: An exhibition by OMA / Rem Koolhaas"
"Museum as Hub: The Incongruous Image—Marcel Broodthaers and Liliana Porter”
"Neil Beloufa: Kempinski"
"David Medalla: Cloud Canyon no. 14"
"Apichatpong Weerasethakul: Primitive"
"Gustav Metzger: Historic Photographs"
"Charles Atlas: Joints Array"
"Elena del Rivero: [Swi:t] Home: A CHANT, Special project to commemorate the tenth anniversary of 9/11"
"Museum as Hub: Steffani Jemison and Jamal Cyrus: Alpha’s Bet Is Not Over Yet!"
"Elizabeth Price: Choir"
"Carsten Höller: Experience"
"Spartacus Chetwynd: Home Made Tasers"
"Museum as Hub: Beirut Art Center: Due to unforeseen events..."
"Skin Fruit: Selections from the Dakis Joannou Collection"
"Museum as Hub: In and Out of Context REDUX"
"Amy Granat: Light 3 Ways"
"Rivane Neuenschwander: A Day Like Any Other"
"Brion Gysin: Dream Machine"
"Museum as Hub: The Bidoun Library Project"
"The Last Newspaper"
"Voice and Wind: Haegue Yang"
"David Wojnarowicz: A Fire in My Belly, A Work in Progress (1986-87)"
"Museum as Hub: Be(com)ing Dutch at a Distance"
"Agathe Snow: Master Bait Me"
"New Commissions Daria Martin: Minotaur"
"New Commissions Mathias Poledna: Crystal Palace"
"New Commissions Jeremy Deller: It Is What It Is: Conversations About Iraq"
"New Commissions Urban China: Informal Cities"
"The Generational Triennial: Younger Than Jesus"
"The Deeper They Bury Me, The Louder My Voice Becomes"
"Intersections Intersected: The Photography of David Goldblatt"
"Dorothy Iannone: Lioness"
"Emory Douglas: Black Panther"
"Museum as Hub: In and Out of Context"
"Nikhil Chopra: Yog Raj Chitrakar Memory Drawing IX"
"Urs Fischer: Marguerite de Ponty"
"Collage: The Unmonumental Picture"
"My Barbarian: The Golden Age"
"Montage: Unmonumental Online"
"The Sound of Things: Unmonumental Audio"
"Museum as Hub: Tlatelolco and the localized negotiation of future imaginaries"
"SANAA: Works, 1998-2008"
"Declassified Daytime Screening"
"Paul Chan: The 7 Lights"
"Tomma Abts"
"Double Album: Daniel Guzmán and Steven Shearer"
"Museum as Hub: Dongducheon: A Walk to Remember, a Walk to Envision"
"2008 Altoids Award"
"Museum as Hub: Antikhana"
"After Nature"
"Museum as Hub: Six Degrees"
"A.L. Steiner + robbinschilds C.L.U.E. (Color Location Ultimate Experience)"
"Live Forever: Elizabeth Peyton"
"Mary Heilmann: To Be Someone"
Day With(out) Art (2007) [event formally known as "Day Without Art"]
"Donor Hall: Jeffrey Inaba"
"Museum as Hub: An Introduction"
"Sharon Hayes: I March in the Parade of Liberty, But as Long as I love you I'm Not Free"
"Unmonumental: The Object in the 21st Century"
"Andrea Zittel: Critical Space"
"Fiona Tan: Correction"
"Transmission II: Airborne"
"Contagious Media"
"Airborne Performance"
"Aernout Mik: Refraction"
"Rhizome ArtBase 101"
"Patty Chang: Shangri-La"
"Brian Jungen"
"Seventh Annual Altoids Curiously Strong Collection"
"Fresh Projects: Shimmer"
"John Waters: Change Of Life"
"Determinale Verschweifung"
"Point of View: A Contemporary Anthology of the Moving Image"
"Counter Culture"
"Adaptive Behavior"
"Rules of Crime: Kayle Brandon & Heath Bunting"
"Sixth Annual Altoids Curiously Strong Collection"
"East Village USA"
"Super-Ficial: The Surfaces of Architecture in a Digital Age"
"Living Inside the Grid"
"Jun Nguyen-Hatsushiba: Memorial Project Vietnam"
"Black President: the Art and Legacy of Fela Anikulapo-Kuti"
"José Antonio Hernández-Diez"
"Marco Brambilla: Halflife"
"Trisha Brown: Dance and Art in Dialogue 1961-2001"
"Five Years of the Altoids Curiously Strong Collection 1998-2002"
"Fresh New Media Projects"
"Killer Instinct"
"New Additions to the Altoids Curiously Strong Collection"
"Wim Delvoye: Cloaca"
"The Films of Francesco Vezzoli"
"Marlene Dumas: Name No Names"
"Lee Bul: Live Forever"
"Out of Site: Fictional Architectural Spaces"
"Leah Gilliam: Agenda for a Landscape"
"Hélio Oiticica: Quasi-cinemas (including works in collaboration with Neville D'Almeida)"
"Rhizome.org 2002 Net Art Commissions"
"Videodrome II"
"Carroll Dunham Paintings"
"Nalini Malani: Hamletmachine"
" Harvestworks.org: selected artists work"
"Antoni Abad: Ego"
"Fresh: The Altoids Strong Collection"
"Paul McCarthy: The Garden"
"Paul McCarthy"
"Waveform: David Galbraith and Teresa Seemann"
"Postmeridian: Debra Warner and Steve Hamilton"
"Graham Gussin: States of Mind"
"Trompe-l’oeil: Fictional Internet Sites"
"William Kentridge"
"Kristin Lucas & Joe McKay: The Electric Donut"
Jacqueline Fraser: A PORTRAIT OF THE LOST BOYS<< in five partys deftly and six details of straining>>
"Jason Middlebrook: Dig"
"A Work in Progress: Selections from the New Museum Collection"
"Tom Friedman"
"Cin-o-matic: Memory and Cinematic Perception"
"World Views: Open Studio Exhibition"
"Picturing the Modern Amazon"
"Tiborocity: Design and Undesign by Tibor Kalman, 1979-1999"
"Andrulla Blanchette"
"Fran Ferraro"
"Heather Foster"
"Martha Rosler: Positions in the Life World"
"Home Fronts: Between the Public and the Private"
"Performances in Conjunction with the Downtown Arts Festival"
"Pierre et Gilles"
"Adrian Piper: A Retrospective"
"Adrian Piper’s Hardball"
"MEDI(t)Ations: Adrian Piper’s Videos, Installations, Performances, and Soundworks 1968-1992"
"Candice Breitz: Babel Series"
"Christian Marclay: The Sounds of Christmas"
"Trust Me"
"Anaida Hernandez: Juegos Ilegales/Illegal games"
"Fever: The Art of David Wojnarowicz"
"Open House: Michael Smith and Joshua White"
"Keith Piper: Relocating the Remains"
"Offside: Dolores Zinny and Juan Ignacio Maidagan"
"The Time of Our Lives"
"Cildo Meireles"
"Cameló: Cildo Meireles"
"The Cardoso Flea Circus Video"
"Doris Salcedo: Unland"
"Film and Video Program: Program A: Feature-Vintage Program B: The Men in our lives-Fathers Program C: Mother Love" Program D: A Family Affair
"Keeping Track of the Joneses"
"Nothing Endures: John Salvest"
"Video Copenhagen"
"Ambient Lounge: Christian Marclay"
"The B Team: Edible Sugar Glass Blow"
"Brian Dewan: Film Strip Show"
"Doug & Mike Adult Entertainment Puppet Show"
"Mike Sale"
"Stephen Petronio"
"The Lesbian: Sharon Hayes"
"Whose History Is It Anyway?"
"Sweet Oblivion: The Urban Landscape of Martin Wong"
"Bili Bidjocka, Los Carpinteros, Rivane Neuenschwander"
"Urban Encounters"
"Dancing at the Louvre: Faith Ringgold's French Collection and Other Story Quilts"
"Ana Prada"
"Marcel Odenbach"
"Xu Bing: Introduction to New Calligraphy"
“Installation”: Aleksandra Mir
"Remota: Airmail Paintings by Eugenio Dittborn"
"Mona Hatoum"
"A Labor of Love"
"Untitled (Colored Water): Tony Feher"
"Anne Deleporte"
"Edouard Pierre-Louis"
"Youth Forum: Video Vanguards"
"20th-Century American Sculpture in the White House Garden"
"Hospital Dream, Within My Voice, Ari’s Story, and other short videos"
"Carolee Schneemann: Up To And Including Her Limits"
"Andres Serrano: Works 1983-1993"
"Discontinuous Teasers: Valeska Soares"
"Unperturbed Abstraction: Jimbo Blachly"
"Temporarily Possessed: The Semi-Permanent Collection"
"Bad Girls"
"Bad Girls (Part I)"
"Bad Girls Video (Program 1): She Laughed When She Saw It"
"Sistah Paradise's Revival Tent: Xenobia Bailey"
"Bad Girls West"
"Bad Girls (Part II)"
"Bad Girls Video (Program 2): Female Fiends"
"Chinese Hand Laundry: Huang Yong Ping"
"Chinese Hand Laundry and Field of Waste: Entrance to Exhibition Space"
"Close Ties: Susan Unterberg"
"Field of Waste: Chen Zhen"
"Mondrian Ping-Pong: Atsushi Nishijima"
"Westward Expansion Inwards: Cindy Tower"
"Courage: David Leslie"
"Self-Help Library: Cathy Busby"
"Visiting Hours: An Installation by Bob Flanagan in collaboration with Sheree Rose"
"Who are we? What are we? Where did we come from?: Rita Akermann"
"Day Without Art" (1994)
"Test Pattern"
"Face: Lyle Ashton Harris"
"A Flower for Ethyl Eichelberger: Oliver Herring"
"In Transit"
"Skin Deep"
"Breeding Unit for Reassigning Flight: Andrea Zittel"
"Carpet Angel: Nari Ward"
"The Final Frontier"
"Kazumi Tanaka"
"L'Adieu: Pearls Before Gods (Regina Frank)"
"Trade Routes"
"La Cultura Tambien Cura - The Culture Also Heals"
"Intoxication, or The Echo of One Hand Clapping: Joan Bankemper"
"Thornton Dial: Image of the Tiger"
"Day Without Art" (1993)
"1+1+1: Works by Alfredo Jaar"
"The Big Nothing or Le Presque Rien"
"The Window: The Age Machine"
"My Spirit"
"The Art Mall: A Social Space"
"Last Words"
"The Spatial Drive: Security and Admissions Project"
"The Spatial Drive"
"Visitor's Alcove for Blast: The Spatial Drive and The Pocket Dictionary of Spatial Drives"
"Day Without Art" (1992)
". . . And 22 Million Very Tired And Very Angry People"
"Love For Sale . . . Free Condoms Inside"
"Manuel Pardo: Late 20th Century Still Lifes"
"Cadences: Icon and Abstraction in Context"
"Africa Explores: 20th Century African Art"
"Eclipse of the Earth"
"Embodying Faith"
"Pintura I Representació"
"The Interrupted Life"
"Day Without Art" (1991)
"Linda's Last Performance"
"Mary Kelly: Interim"
"Works by Jana Sterbak"
"Cornered: Adrian Piper"
"The Decade Show: Frameworks of Identity in the 1980s"
"From Receiver To Remote Control: The TV Set"
"$pent: Currency, Security, and Art on Deposit"
"Day Without Art" (1990)
"Rhetorical Image"
"Rhetorical Image Resource Room: A Viewer Participation Project of The New Museum of Contemporary Art"
"God Bless America Part II"
"Overlooked/Underplayed: Videos on Women and AIDS"
"Robert Colescott: A Retrospective"
"Until that Last Breath: Women with AIDS"
"Common Land / Greenham"
"Guillaume Bijl"
"Nancy Spero: Works Since 1950"
"The Irony of Geology"
"palimpsest: Ann Hamilton and Kathryn Clark"
"Strange Attractors: Signs of Chaos"
"Tape Fall"
"Strange Attractions: An Evening of Chaotic Performance"
"Day Without Art" (1989)
"Annette Lemieux: The Appearance of Sound"
"Eat Me/Drink Me/Love Me"
"Have You Attacked America Today?"
"Satellite Cultures"
"Artists Projects: Museum Notions"
"Artists Projects: The Living Paintings"
"Requiem: Wolfgang Staehle"
"Selections from the Semi-Permanent Collection"
"Artists Projects: One Plus or Minus One (May Stevens)"
"Ave . . . Morituri te salutant (Hail . . . those who are about to die salute you)"
"Markus Raetz: In the Realm of the Possible"
"Félix González-Torres"
"Girls Night Out (Femininity as Masquerade)"
"Impresario: Malcolm McLaren and the British New Wave"
"Christian Boltanski: Lessons of Darkness"
"The Window: An Installation by General Idea"
"Exit: Ulrik Samuelson"
"Pat Steir: Self-Portrait: An Installation"
"Reading Art: William Anastasi, Su-Chen Hung, Larry Johnson"
The Window on Broadway: "Sweet Red-2"
"Fake: A Meditation on Authenticity"
"The Other Man: Alternative Representations of Masculinity"
Window on Broadway: "Peering Beyond the Mask"
"Pile of Heads: Installation by Linda Peer"
"Betty Goodwin: New Work"
"Bruce Nauman Drawings: 1965-1986"
"The Navigator’s Encyclopedia"
"No, No, No, No!"
"American Dining: A Working Woman's Movement"
"Ana Mendieta: A Retrospective"
"Let the Record Show..."
"New Paintings: Charles Clough and Mimi Thompson"
"Social Studies: Recent Work on Video and Film"
"Choices: Making an Art of Everyday Life"
"Kim Jones as the Mudman"
"New York Foundation for the Arts Video Fellows 1985"
"Rear Window: Wallace and Donahue"
"Michael Osterhout: Actual Size"
"Nightsea Crossing: Three-day meditation piece by Abramovic and Ulay"
"Born from Sharp Rocks"
"Komar and Melamid"
"On View: Jessica Diamond, Connie Hatch, Group Material"
"Sots Art"
"William Copley: The Tomb of the Unknown Whore"
"Anne Doran"
"Damaged Goods: Desire and the Economy of the Object"
"Leslie Sharpe"
"Past, Present, Future"
"Sets from Cinderella: Ericka Beckman"
"A Distanced View: One Aspect of Recent Art from Belgium, France, Germany, and Holland"
Rear Window: "Baseball Action Shots Annual: Future Hall of Famers: Susan Grayson"
The Window on Broadway: "Triptych: Kristin Jones and Andrew Ginzel"
"Hans Haacke: Unfinished Business"
"Homo Video: Where We Are Now"
"Three Photographers: The Body"
"Uh-Oh: Richard Baim"
"On View: Judy Fiskin, Janet Pihlblad, Lance Rutledge"
"The Window: Robin Ticho"
"WorkSpace: Barbara Ess"
"Currents: John Hull, Mia Westerlund Roosen"
"Sustained Visions: Pierre Tal-Coat"
"Ellen Brooks"
"T.V. Picture: Diana Formisano, John Glascock, Rene Santos"
"Tom Finkelpearl"
"Allen Ruppersberg: The Secret of Life and Death"
"Five from Minnesota"
"Rear Window: Vikky Alexander"
"The Art of Memory / The Loss of History: Re-viewing History: Video-Documents"
"The Art of Memory / The Loss of History"
"Look-Out for Broadway"
"Natural History"
"On View: New Work: Nancy Chunn, Michael Corris, Olivier Mosset"
"Rear Window: An Image of God: Michael Lebron"
"On View: Michael Byron, Lisa Hoke, Amy Sillman"
"Michael Byron, Lisa Hoke, Amy Sillman"
"Rande Bache, Stephen Frailey"
"Tom Hatch"
"Art and Ideology"
"Donald Dudley"
"Gary Goldberg, Iona Kleinhaut"
"Beverly Owen: Toon"
"Earl Staley: 1973 – 1983"
"Joan Jonas"
"Al Wong"
"Lee Newton"
"New Work: New York / Outside New York"
"New To Us: Children's Ideas on Museums"
"Paradise Lost / Paradise Regained: American Visions of the New Decade"
"Currents: David Ireland"
"Currents: Martin Puryear"
"Perry Bard, Richard Bloes, James Elaine, Pio Galbis"
"Yura Adams"
"Nate Shiner (In Memoriam)"
"The Nicaragua Media Project"
"The Window: Kay Rosen"
"Difference: On Representation and Sexuality"
"Jarvis Rockwell: Toys"
"John Hernandez, Shelly Hull, Robin Winters, Krzysztof Wodiczko"
"Seven Years of Living Art: Linda Montano"
"Susan Dallas-Swann"
"On View: Ken Aptekar, Greg Drasler, Shelley Kaplan"
"The Window: Gary Falk"
"Workspace: Eleanor Dube, E'wao Kagoshima, Jamie Summers"
"Outside New York: Seattle"
"Classified: Big Pages from the Heresies Collective"
"En Foco: La Gran Pasión"
"Vanalyne Green: Tender Me"
"Language, Drama, Source & Vision"
"Kate Ericson"
"Mark Kloth"
"The End of the World: Contemporary Visions of the Apocalypse"
"Ken Aptekar, Greg Drasler, Shelley Kaplan"
"New Work / New York: Tom Butter, Tom Evans, John Fekner, Judith Hudson, Peter Julian, Cheryl Laemmle"
The Window: "Joseph Hilton: For Those Who Were Drowned (In 1979)"
"Early Work"
"The Window: Kenneth Shorr - Crowds and Power"
"Currents: Al Souza"
"Currents: Mary Stoppert"
"The Window: Political Art Documentation / Distribution, Public Works Committee"
"Brad Melamed: Daily Dilemmas / Dilemas Diarios"
"Currents: Candace Hill-Montgomery"
"Currents: The Reverend Howard Finster"
"Bissie at the Baths"
"Counter Angel"
"Extended Sensibilities: Homosexual Presence in Contemporary Art"
"The Window: Ann Turyn: Lessons and Notes"
"Richard Armijo"
"Events: Taller Boricua"
"Events: Artists Invite Artists"
"James Holl"
"John Baldessari: Work 1966 – 1980"
"Gina Wendkos"
"Alternatives in Retrospect: An Overview 1969-1975"
"Claudia Fitch"
"Stay Tuned"
"David Troy"
"Not Just For Laughs: The Art of Subversion"
"The Window: John Ahearn"
"Ree Morton: Retrospective 1971 – 1977"
"Laurie Hawkinson"
"Outside New York: The State of Ohio"
"The New: Jeff Koons"
"Hallwalls: 5 Years"
"The Window: Rented Earth: David Hammons"
"Deconstruction/ Reconstruction: The Transformation of Photographic Information into Metaphor"
"Richard Prince"
"Investigations: Probe, Structure, Analysis"
"Orly Haddad and Hank Lewis/Contemporary Urbicultural Documentation (Topical Archeology)"
"Events: Fashion Moda"
"Events: Fashion Moda, Taller Boricua, Artists Invite Artists"
"The Invented Landscape"
"Sustained Visions"
"The 1970s: New American Painting"
"In a Pictorial Framework"
"Dagar ne: Gunderson Clark"
"Dimensions Variable"
"The Window: Mary Lemley"
"New Work / New York: Nancy Arlen, Louisa Chase, Rudy Heintze, F.L. Schroder, David Wells"
"'Bad' Painting"
"Alfred Jensen: Paintings and Diagrams From the Years 1957-1977"
"New Work / New York: Susan Dallas-Swann, Lynne Elton, Steve Keister, David Middaugh, Fred Smith, Jeff Way"
"Outside New York"
"Barry Le Va: Four Consecutive Installations & Drawings 1967 – 1978"
"New Work / New York, at the Gallery of July and August, Woodstock, New York: Don Dudley, Edward C. Flood, Jonathan Santlofer, Claudia Schwalb, D. Jack Solomon, Marianne Stikas"
"Four Artists: Drawings, at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Tokyo, Japan"
"Early Work By Five Contemporary Artists: Ron Gorchov, Elizabeth Murray, Dennis Oppenheim, Dorothea Rockburne, Joel Shapiro"