Timeline of Publications
Below is a chronological list of New Museum exhibition catalogs and other publications. For more information on any individual publication, click on the individual title.
Andra Ursuta: Alps
Anri Sala Answer Me
Cally Spooner: On False Tears and Outsourcing
Goshka Macuga: Time As Fabric
Brochure design of "Cheryl Donegan: Scenes and Commercials"
Broadsheet for "Beatriz Santiago Muñoz: Song, Strategy, Sign"
Albert Oehlen: Home and Garden
The Animated Reader: Poetry of Surround Audience
Barbara Rossi: Poor Traits
Jim Shaw: The End is Here
Leonor Antunes: I Stand Like A Mirror Before You
Mass Effect: Art and the Internet in the Twenty-First Century
New Museum Paper -- Vol. 17 (Fall/Winter 2015)
New Museum Paper -- Vol. 18 (Spring/Summer 2015)
New Museum Paper -- Vol. 19 (Fall/Winter 2016)
Pia Camil A Pot for Latch
Sarah Charlesworth: Doubleworld
Surround Audience
Wynne Greenwood: Stacy ... Kelly
Chris Ofili: Night and Day
Here and Elsewhere
New Museum Paper -- Vol. 16 (Spring/Summer 2014)
Newspaper for "Report on a Construction of a Spaceship Module"
Paweł Althamer: The Neighbors
Ragnar Kjartansson: Me, My Mother, My Father, & I
Roberto Cuoghi: Suillakku Corral
Chris Burden: Extreme Measures
Don't Axe Me
Erika Vogt: Stranger Debris Roll Roll Roll
Judith Bernstein: Hard
Llyn Foulkes
New Museum Paper -- Vol. 14 (Spring/Summer, 2013)
New Museum Paper -- Vol. 15 (Fall/Winter, 2013)
Newspaper for "XFR STN"
NYC 1993: Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star
Art Spaces Directory
Bowery Artist Tribute Vol. 3
Catalogue: The Ungovernables: 2012 New Museum Triennial
Ghosts in the Machine
Klara Liden: Bodies of Society
New Museum Paper -- Vol. 12 (Spring/Summer, 2012)
New Museum Paper -- Vol. 13 (Fall/Winter, 2012)
Phyllida Barlow: siege
Pictures from the Moon: Artists' Holograms 1969–2008
Rosemarie Trockel: A Cosmos (Hardcover)
Tacita Dean: Five Americans
Apichatpong Weerasethakul: Primitive
Carsten Höller: Experience
George Condo: Mental States
Gustav Metzger: Historic Photographs
New Museum Paper -- Vol. 10 (Spring/Summer, 2011)
Rethinking Contemporary Art and Multicultural Education
New Museum Paper -- Vol. 11 (Fall/Winter, 2011)
Bowery Artist Tribute Vol. 2
Brion Gysin: Dream Machine
The Last Newspaper Box Edition
The Last Newspaper Catalogue
New Museum of Contemporary Art: Art Spaces
New Museum Paper -- Vol. 09 (Fall/Winter, 2010)
Skin Fruit: Selections from the Dakis Joannou Collection
New Museum Paper -- Vol. 08 (Spring/Summer, 2010)
Daria Martin: Minotaur
Lynda Benglis
New Museum Paper -- Vol. 06 (Spring/Summer, 2009)
New Museum Paper -- Vol. 07 (Fall/Winter, 2009)
Urs Fischer: shovel in a hole
Younger Than Jesus: Artist Directory
Younger Than Jesus: The Generation Book
2008 Altoids Award
Bowery Artist Tribute Vol. 1
Collage: The Unmonumental Picture
Double Album: Daniel Guzmán and Steven Shearer
Live Forever: Elizabeth Peyton
Montage: Unmonumental Online
New Museum Paper -- Vol. 04 (Spring/Summer, 2008)
New Museum Paper -- Vol. 05 (Fall/Winter, 2008)
Publication: After Nature
Shift : SANAA and the New Museum
The Sound of Things: Unmonumental Audio CD
Tomma Abts
Ellen Altfest: Paintings
Mathias Poledna: Crystal Palace
New Museum Paper -- Vol. 02 (Spring/Summer, 2007)
New Museum Paper -- Vol. 03 (Fall/Winter, 2007)
Paul Chan: The 7 Lights
Unmonumental: The Object in the 21st Century
Andrea Zittel: Critical Space
New Museum Paper -- Vol. 01 (Fall/Winter, 2006)
Aernout Mik: Refraction
Brian Jungen
New Museum News -- (Fall / Winter 2005)
New Museum News -- (Spring / Summer 2005)
New Museum News -- (Spring 2004 / Winter 2005)
Patty Chang: Shangri-La
East Village USA
Fiona Tan: Correction
John Waters: Change of Life
New Museum News -- (Fall 2003 / Winter 2004)
New Museum News -- (Spring / Summer 2004)
Over Here: International Perspectives on Art and Culture
Black President: the Art and Legacy of Fela Anikulapo-Kuti
Living Inside the Grid
Carroll Dunham Paintings
Lee Bul: Live Forever Act Two
Trisha Brown: Dance and Art in Dialogue, 1961 - 2001
Jose Antonio Hernandez-Diez
New Museum News -- (Fall 2002 / Winter 2003)
New Museum News -- (Spring / Summer 2002)
Out of Site: Fictional Architectural Spaces
William Kentridge
Helio Oiticica: Quasi-Cinemas
Marlene Dumas: Nom de Personne / Name No Names
New Museum News -- (Fall 2000 / Winter 2001)
New Museum News -- (Fall 2001 / Winter 2002)
New Museum News -- (Spring / Summer 2001)
New Museum News -- (Spring 2001)
Paul McCarthy
Cloaca: Wim Delvoye
New Museum News -- (Spring / Summer 2000)
Pierre et Gilles
Tom Friedman
Adrian Piper: A Retrospective
Cildo Meireles
Fever: The Art of David Wojnarowicz
New Museum News -- (Fall 1999)
New Museum News -- (Summer 1999)
Picturing the Modern Amazon
The Time of Our Lives
Dancing at the Louvre: Faith Ringgold's French Collection and Other Story Quilts
Doris Salcedo
Marcel Odenbach
Sweet Oblivion: The Urban Landscape of Martin Wong
Talking Visions: Multicultural Feminism in a Transnational Age
Keith Piper: Relocating the Remains
Mona Hatoum
Carolee Schneemann: Up to and Including Her Limits
Contemporary Art and Multicultural Education
A Labor of Love
Temporarily Possessed: The Semi-Permanent Collection
Bad Girls
Bad Girls Zine
Andres Serrano: Works 1983-1993
The New Museum, Annual Report, 1992-1994
The New Museum Views -- (Spring 1994, vol.1 no.5)
The New Museum Views -- (Winter 1994, vol.1 no.4)
The New Museum Views -- (Fall 1993, vol.1 no.3)
The New Museum Views -- (Spring 1993, vol.1 no.1)
The New Museum Views -- (Spring 1993, vol.1 no.2)
The Big Nothing or Le Presque Rien
The New Museum of Contemporary Art, Annual Report, 1991-1992
Cadences: Icon and Abstraction in Context
The Interrupted Life
The New Museum of Contemporary Art, Annual Report, 1990 - 1991
Rhetorical Image Resource Room
Discourses: Conversations in Postmodern Art and Culture
The Decade Show: Frameworks of Identity in the 1980s
From Receiver to Remote Control: The TV Set
Alfredo Jaar
Mary Kelly: Interim
The New Museum of Contemporary Art, Annual Report, 1990, Celebrating our Thirteenth Year
Out There: Marginalization and Contemporary Cultures
Rhetorical Image
Strange Attractors: Signs of Chaos
Christian Boltanski: Lessons of Darkness
Fall 1988 Events
Impresario: Malcolm McLaren and the British New Wave
Markus Raetz: In the Realm of the Possible
The New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York, Annual Report, Eleventh Anniversary, 1988
Winter 87-88 Events
Ana Mendieta: a retrospective
Blasted Allegories: An Anthology of Writings by Contemporary Artists
Nancy Spero: Works Since 1950
The New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York, Annual Report: Tenth Anniversary, 1977-1987
Pat Steir: Self-Portrait, An Installation
Spring Calendar 1987
Winter Calendar (1986-1987)
Bruce Nauman Drawings: 1965 - 1986
Choices: Making an Art of Everyday Life
Damaged Goods: Desire and the Economy of the Object
A Distanced View: One Aspect of Recent Art from Belgium, France, Germany, and Holland
Hans Haacke: Unfinished Business
Sots Art
The Art of Memory: The Loss of History
New Museum News / Calendar -- (Spring and Summer 1985)
Art & Ideology
Art After Modernism: Rethinking Representation
Difference: On Representation and Sexuality
Allen Ruppersberg: The Secret of Life and Death: Vol I: 1969-1984
Martin Puryear
The New Museum of Contemporary Art; Annual Report, 1981-84
New Work: New York / Outside New York
Paradise Lost / Paradise Regained: American Visions of the New Decade
Paradise Lost/Paradise Regained: American Visions of the New Decade
Spring Calendar (1984)
Earl Staley: 1973 - 1983
Events: En Foco, Heresies Collective
The End of The World: Contemporary Visions of The Apocalypse
Language, Drama, Source & Vision
The New Museum News -- (Spring / Summer 1983)
Outside New York
Brad Melamed: Daily Dilemmas / Dilemas Diarios
Currents: Al Souza
Currents: Candace Hill-Montgomery
Currents: Mary Stoppert
Currents: Reverend Howard Finster
Early work : Lynda Benglis, Joan Brown, Luis Jimenez, Gary Stephan, Lawrence Weiner
Extended Sensibilities: Homosexual Presence in Contemporary Art
The New Museum News -- (Fall, 1982)
The New Museum News -- (Winter 1981 / 1982)
New Work / New York (1982)
Alternatives in Retrospect: An Historical Overview 1969 - 1975
Events: Fashion Moda, Taller Boricua, Artists Invite Artists
John Baldessari
The New Museum Annual Report 1979-1981
Not Just For Laughs: The Art of Subversion
Stay Tuned
Deconstruction / Reconstruction
Investigations: Probe, Structure, Analysis
New Museum News -- (Winter 1979 / Spring 1980)
The New Museum News -- (Winter 1979 / Spring 1980)
Outside New York: The State of Ohio
Ree Morton: Retrospective 1971 - 1977
Dimensions Variable
In a Pictorial Framework
the invented landscape
New Work / New York: Nancy Arlen, Louisa Chase, Rudy Heintze, F.L. Schroder, David Wells
Sustained Visions
"Bad" Painting
Barry Le Va: Four Consecutive Installations and Drawings, 1967 - 1978
New Work / New York: Susan Dallas, Lynne Elton, Steve Keister, David Middaugh, Fred Smith, Jeff Way (1978)
Outside New York: Katherine T. Carter, Tom Hatch, James R. Hill, Alexa Kleinbard, Janis Provisor, Dan Rizzie (1978)
Early Work By Five Contemporary Artists: Ron Gorchov, Elizabeth Murray, Dennis Oppenheim, Dorothea Rockburne, Joel Shapiro
Four Artists: Drawings, at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Tokyo, Japan
Memory: at C Space
New Work / New York: at the Gallery of July and August (1977)