Living Inside the Grid
Living Inside the Grid. 2003; 160 pages; paperback; 63 b/w, 60 color images. "Since most people are not pleased to see themselves locked into overlapping systems of straight lines and right angles, many grids are hidden. In response to the rapid profileration of rectilinear divisions of space, architects and urban designers, as well as industrial engineers and software programmers, have become adept at concealing the grid system beneath streets, in walls, and through the use of colorful and/or soft containers. The development of invisible or camouflaged grids, which surround us but deflect attention to their presence, is an essential aspect of the information revolution. Nevertheless, the ubiquitousness of the grid has significantly transformed our sense of reality. Not surprisingly, much of the task of exploring the conditions that this state produces, commenting on its multiple meanings, and enabling us to enhace our understanding of it has fallen to contemporary artists." -Dan Cameron, "Living Inside the Grid, p. 12. Artists: Absalon, Douglas Blau, Roland Boden, Jennifer Bolande, Monica Bonvicini, Jose Damasceno, Michael Elmgreen & Ingar Dragset, Rico Gatson, Luisa Lambri, Langlands & Bell, Mark Lombardi, Rogelio Lopez Cuenca, Rita McBride, N55, Paul Noble, Marko Peljhan, Danica Phelps, Sean Snyder, Do-Ho Suh, Tomoko Takahashi, Ana Maria Tavares, Egbert Trogemann, Uri Tzaig, Camille Utterback. Foreword by Lisa Phillips. Production Manager, Melanie Franklin. Edited by Tim Yohn. Exhibition Catalogue. 6.75 in. x 9.5 in. Funding: Eugenio Lopez
New Museum curator
New Museum