Bad Girls
Bad Girls. 1994; 144 pages; paperback; 73 b/w, 9 color illustrations. Unconventional, humorous, and distinctly unladylike, Bad Girls presents the work of 45 artists, including Janine Antoni, The Guerilla Girls and Carrie Mae Weems, who confront gender, race, class and age issues and question methods of visual representation. Essays by Linda Goode Bryant, Cheryl Dunye, exhibition organizers Marcia Tanner (Bad Girls West) and Marcia Tucker define the societal influences that have shaped contemporary notions of femininity, while promoting the subversive wit these "bad girls" use to challenge traditional concepts of marriage, fashion, food, and sex. "Three days after my high school graduation I 'came out' loud and strong, cutting my straightened permed hair into a Mr. T Mohawk, wearing combat boots and ripped thrift store clothing, and of course, the single earlobe filled with many anarchist, lesbian, and feminist symbols of rebellion - a bad girl. And you know what? I loved it. I loved being part of a group...who wanted to smash the state, end patriarchy, and love one another openly...For me a bad girl meant being differnet, different from who I was or was supposed to become." -Cheryl Dunye, "Possessed," pp.109-110. Artists: Ann Agee, Laura Aguilar, Gwen Akin/Allan Ludwig, Janine Antoni, Xenobia Bailey, Lillian Ball, Lynda Barry, Elizabeth Berdann, Camille Billops, Molly Bleiden, Keith Boadwee, Andrea Bowers, Lisa Bowman, Barbara Brandon, Jennifer Camper, Renee Cox, Margaret Curtis, Jeanne Dunning, Nancy Dwyer, Matt Groening/Twentieth Pictures, The Guerilla Girls, Jacqueline Hayden, Maxine Hayt, Janet Henry, Amy Hill, Robin Kahn, Nino Kuo, Pat Lasch, Cary Leibowitz/Candyass, Lauren Lesko, Rhonda Lieberman, Mabel Maney, Yasumasa Morimura, Portia Munson, Chuck Nanney, Erika Rothenberg, Veronica Saddler, Monique Safford, Sybil Sage, Joyce Scott, Beverly Semmes, Susan Silas, Coreen Simpson, Cindy Smith, Elaine Tin Nyo, Cammie Toloui, Dani Tull, Shari Urquhart, Carrie Mae Weems, Judith Weinperson, Sue Williams, Millie Williams. Curated by Marcia Tanner. Edited by Tim Yohn. Exhibition Catalogue. 8.5 in. x 7.5 in. Funding: The New Museum
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