From Receiver to Remote Control: The TV Set
From Receiver to Remote Control: The TV Set. 1990; 144 pages; paperback; 79 b/w illustrations. Focusing on vintage and contemporary sets, VCRs and TV accessories, From Receiver to Remote Control explores how the advent of television has shaped our individual and communal identities. New connections between high art and popular culture appear as the catalogue examines societal attitudes influenced by this non-traditional art object. Essays and interviews by Serafina K. Bathrick, Lynn Spigel, David Tafler and 12 others encompass communication, sociology, art, business, history and design. Extensive illustrations and reprints of advertisements document how the television set continually transforms domestic space and culture. "Here's something. I went to turn on my regular TV in the other room - there's a good show on, but the remote was here on my desk, so I had to come back...Which reminded me (reminding is the way TV works sometimes) that in a recent study, people (that's a cross section of us who use their TVs three hours a day) reported that they enjoyed TV less when they used their remote controls alot, but that they used their remotes anyway. People work hard. And when they watch TV pleasure is not their only goal. I'm going to watch now." -Ed Bowes, "Watching TV," pp.95-96. Exhibition catalogue. 8.5 in. x 11 in. Funding: The New Museum
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