"Early Work"
April 3 - June 3 1982
Organized by Lynn Gumpert, Ned Rifkin, and Marcia Tucker "The New Museum's inaugural exhibition [at the New School], Early Work by Five Contemporary Artists, opened in November 1977. It was planned as the first in a series whose intention was to recoup our recent history, to discover and enjoy key works, which had not been seen by the public, by artists now in mid-career. These works had remained unknown for a variety of reasons, either because the artists were not well-known at the time, or because the work was considered to be outside the issues then under critical investigation, or because the artists themselves simply were not interested in showing them at that moment. In some cases the work had been seen, but by a limited audience. Since the way we see a work of art and what we think about it are determined in large part by the context in which it is shown, it seems instructive to present, ten years later, some of the pieces that were essential to the artists' subsequent developments." -Early Work catalogue.
New Museum curators
Courtesy the Artist and New Museum, New York, NY