"Claudia Fitch"
July 24 - September 10 1981
“Fitch’s construction of an elaborate display on the style of a shallow theatre stage will be visible from both outside the ‘WINDOW’ and from the hallway inside the building behind the ‘display’ area. The doors to the hallway will remain open implying that the floating cutout objects and bizarre figures presented are transient props that may move either to new positions in the ‘WINDOW’ or ‘off-stage’ altogether. Cast shadows and shadow illusions are essential elements in the ominous mood created as they appear on the walls, the glass, and the hallway surfaces behind. The opulent setting for the props in Fitch’s human-scale shadow box allures viewers to a space that is a combination of reality and illusion. Presenting objects in a scene of extreme opulence, she emphasizes that ‘their precious state makes them unattainable to the viewer.’ To Fitch, however, the prevailing shadows combined with the floating shapes imply that this precious state will not remain—that doom is imminent.” -From The New Museum press release, July 7, 1981
Courtesy the Artist and New Museum