"James Holl"
March 14 - April 4 1981
James Holl “World Toy Company is pleased to present its 1981 spring selection of products—this particular season sees clothes to wear and accouterments to ponder. All are valuable products delightfully designed for the shopper’ special pleasure gleaned form spending their cash. Fashionably patriotic World Toy proudly becomes a plutocrat of America in the service of cash flow. When World Toy says ‘CONSUME FASTER, CREATURES,’ it means that a rapidly increasing turnover of capital grows giant corporations which can live longer than any human being. Such a rich tradition casts powerful shadows over all creatures upon earth. World Toy sets its vision upon this lofty goal. Following the path of all honest corporations, World Toy trusts the utter sincerity of advertising to persuade Americans that they will have bought not only a product but also have bought status and their neighbor’s admiration when they buy World Toy. Established in 1978 in the interest of its own survival, World Toy is honored to join a gallant corporate consortium in protecting and preserving the innocent American consumer.” Sincerely, [Signature] John Holl -From The New Museum Press Release, February 25, 1981
Courtesy the Artist and New Museum