November 15 - December 10 2000
This is the first in a series of programs in the Media Z Lounge that will highlight Internet projects and digital media. Rhizome.org is a non-profit organization dedicated to art in new media. Their website serves as a site for the presentation of artists' projects to the public, an archive of works in new media, and a venue for critical discussions about issues related to this rapidly growing and changing art form.

On three stations "rhizome@ newmuseum.org" presents constantly moving web slide shows of a variety of imagery - a series of splash pages created by Rhizome.org and Alex Galloway's Every Image, a screen saver that randomly pulls images from their website. On the other computer stations are net artworks: Alex Galloway and Mark Tribe's StarryNight and Martin Wattenberg's Spiral. Both are interfaces for browsing through Rhizome's archive of numerous texts related to work in new media and offer an insider's view into the issues most compelling to this community.
New Museum curators
Courtesy the artist and New Museum, New York