"Adrian Piper: A Retrospective"
October 27 2000 - January 21 2001
“The simultaneous presentation of two separately organized exhibitions, ‘Adrian Piper: A Retrospective’ and ‘MEDI(t)Ations: Adrian Piper's Videos, Installations, Performances and Soundworks 1968-1992,’ provides an in-depth consideration of Piper's artistic production during the past thirty-five years and confirms her central position in the trajectory of American art. Bringing together more than forty artworks, these exhibitions offer the opportunity to experience Piper's adept use of several media and to consider the complex yet resonant concerns that have preoccupied the artist for many years, namely bigotry, stereotyping, and xenophobia. Most important, this retrospective illuminates Piper's unflinching integrity and gives each of us pause to reflect on our personal beliefs and behaviors. Piper's work demands a high level of engagement as she unapologetically positions viewers in a relationship to the work that encourages them to evaluate their responses to the imagery and text she presents.

In addition to working as an artist, Piper is a highly respected philosopher and writer. She was trained in analytic philosophy, and has a particular interest in the work of Immanuel Kant, specifically his notions of the self and his explorations into what enables people to act morally and make aesthetic judgments. Piper’s philosophical explorations have had a considerable impact on her artistic production, both in its relationship to rational thought processes and as a means to gain access to larger, metaphysical concerns.”
Guest curator
Public Program
Courtesy the artist and New Museum, New York