September 10 1993 - January 2 1994

"Testimonio is a collaborative installation by and about Latin Americans living in the New York City neighborhoods of East Harlem, Williamsburg and Washington Heights.  Mural painting, works on paper, photography, documentary video, and printed and recorded oral accounts, present a multifaceted view of Latino culture, social and economic history, and community politics.

"Testimonio" was conceived as a complement to "Trade Routes", an international exhibition of art in the main gallery concerned with the globalization of trade and culture.

The works reflect a shift in immigration which has occurred during the past decade, from an immigrant group pre-dominantly European to one largely consisting of people from the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Columbia and other Latin American and Caribbean countries. Community projects include an installation by Southside TV, a Brooklyn video collective, and a series of workshops conducted by Musica Against Drugs, a community based organization in Williamsburg.

Testimonio, a unique collaboration between The New Museum of Contemporary Art, the CAMEO Project of the Center for Cultural Studies of the CUNY Graduate School, and neighborhood residents, artists, workers, and community based organizations in East Harlem, Washington Heights, and Williamsburg, is accompanied by a bi-lingual (English/Spanish) brochure. A series of public programs around its themes will be scheduled.

Support for Testimonio was provided by The National Endowment for the Arts, The New York State Council on the Arts, and The New York Community Trust."

Courtesy the Artist and New Museum