"The Final Frontier"
May 7 - August 15 1993
The Final Frontier Second in a series of three exhibitions investigating changing borders and boundaries in contemporary culture "That our bodies can now be genetically retooled and their processes approximated by machines bring pressure to bear on the central constructs of human identity. The spheres of the body and technology, once viewed as dichotomous and inviolate, have begun to overlap and blur. The Final Frontier examines this transgression of boundaries between the body and technology from an interdisciplinary perspective, linking key developments in the social sciences and mass culture to current trends in art. The body is presented here not only as a biological but also as a disputed social space, a border to be crossed and recrossed by other bodies and technologies. Accordingly, many of the artists in this exhibition view technology as enmeshed within a set of social institutions and relations in which questions of the body as well as biology, private space, individual rights, community and territorial boundaries are also at stake." Alice Yang, exhibition brochure. “The Final Frontier focused on changing relationships between the body and technology. It addresses the impact of such technologies as surveillance, medical imaging and various communication systems on our physical and psychic selves.” -From The New Museum Annual Report, 1992-1994
New Museum curator
Guest curators
Courtesy the artist and New Museum, New York