Public Program:
Versions: The Creative Landscape of Virtual Reality
March 5 2016 at 10:00 - 18:00
Copresented by NEW INC, the New Museum’s incubator for art, design, and technology, and Kill Screen, a video game arts and culture company, Versions is a new conference on creative practice and virtual reality (VR) that will explore VR as an emerging medium. Though VR has existed in some form since the 1960s and in the realm of science fiction for much longer, 2016 promises to be a breakthrough year for this technology, which will feature high-profile product launches and major releases in VR games and film. Conversations will span VR’s proclaimed status as an “empathy machine” to how it is being leveraged by journalists and the military; address urgent questions regarding emerging standards around ethics and practice; consider the technology’s relationship to the brain and its neurological and psychological effects; and examine how creative practitioners are exploiting the format’s opportunities for embodiment and immersion.

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Courtesy the artist, New Inc, New York, NY and New Museum, New York