"Cadences: Icon and Abstraction in Context"
February 26 - April 7 1991
Cadences: Icon and Abstraction in Context Organized by Gary Sangster "Cadences raises key questions facing audiences of these current modes of abstraction. Why has abstract art reemerged at this point in time? Is this form of abstraction an unexpected or unusual departure from previous abstract art? And what are the cultural conditions that suggest it may be understood differently from other recent forms of abstractions? Discussing these questions runs the risk of positing a return to a modernist critique of representation and cultural power, a return to the "heroic" avant-garde that is no longer possible, or, alternatively, runs the risk of presenting abstraction as an elevated form of nostalgia for the individuality and originality of subjective artistic expression. It is a risk that is valuable in the face of the present crisis of meaning." Gary Sangster, Cadences catalogue
New Museum curator
Courtesy the artist and New Museum, New York