Leonor Antunes: I Stand Like A Mirror Before You
This will be the Leonor Antunes first presentation in a New York institution and will include a body of new works made for the Museum's Lobby Gallery. The exhibition reflects Antunes investment in a group of female artists and architects for whom New York became an important place for the production and presentation of their work. Working from measurements and proportions specific to the New Museum building, Antunes's new sculptures refer to the vernacular principles that characterize the work of Swedish furniture designer and architect Greta Grossman. The installation also considers the American experimental filmmaker, choreographer, and writer Maya Deren's thoughts on the transformative potential of cinema as a reflective surface. Antunes has created a densely choreographed series of hanging and standing works based on weavings by Anni Albers and Lenore Tawney that mirror one another and use the glass wall of the Lobby Gallery as a screen for reflection.

New Museum; 2015; Softcover; 5.5" x 8"; 70 pp; illustrated throughout
Courtesy @ New Museum, New York