Public Program:
Temporary Arrangement: Wynne Greenwood
Ex–Tracy + the Plastics, “Passionfruit”
December 11 2015 at 19:00; December 11 2015 at 21:00
“Temporary Arrangements” is a unique concert series that invites artists to form one-night-only bands and stage their premiere—and, by definition, also final—performances at the New Museum. Curated by Wynne Greenwood, the series emerges out of the DIY ethos of Greenwood’s legendary feminist band Tracy + the Plastics, an all-girl group that toured the country from 1999 to 2006, in which she played all three parts—frontwoman, drummer, and keyboardist. “Temporary Arrangements” proposes a collaborative model that is makeshift and provisional from the outset, asking what can happen when a group is formed without future expectations in mind.

As the final, culminating performance in the “Temporary Arrangement” series, Greenwood will play a solo set, singer-songwriter style. With hands, a keyboard, and a sampler, she will pull apart songs from fifteen years of music-making—from her work as Tracy Robo, Tracy + the Plastics, Libber, and Wynne Greenwood.

The Weeds in My Our Backyard, a “temporary arrangement” formed by teens in the New Museum’s Experimental Study Program (ESP), will open for Greenwood. Throughout the program the teens explored this Season’s theme of PERSONA and considered the ways we craft our own identities and present ourselves to others, while reflecting on the roles that the media, celebrity culture, politics, theater, and art play in our ideas of self. Comprising digital collage projections, personalized costuming, and a call-and-response approach, the group’s performance as The Weeds in My Our Backyard will serve as a culmination of the teens’ collaborative work.
Courtesy the artist and New Museum, New York