Don't Axe Me
Spanning the past twenty years, "Don't Axe Me," the first major New York museum exhibition of Ellen Gallagher's work, will provide one of the first opportunities to thoroughly examine the complex formal and thematic concerns of one of the most significant artists to emerge since the mid-1990s. The exhibition traces the transformations, excavations, and accumulations of Gallagher's practice through a number of her iconic paintings, drawings, prints, and film installations. A major new series of paintings will be presented alongside some of the artist's most celebrated works. These include several of her early paintings, comprised of intricate drawings rendered on penmanship paper and collaged onto the surface of the canvas, as well as a selection of works on paper using watercolor, ink, cut paper, and other diverse materials. "Don't Axe Me" will also feature the first New York presentation of Osedax (2010; made in collaboration with Edgar Cleijne)—an immersive environment consisting of 16mm film and painted slide projections inspired by a species of undersea worm that buries into the bones of whale carcasses.

New Museum; 2013; Hardcover; 8.75" x 11.75"; 122 pp + 40 pp booklet; 79 images; ISBN 9780915557004
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