"Eat Me/Drink Me/Love Me"
December 8 1989 - February 4 1990
“Two Canadian artists, Martha Fleming and Lyne Lapointe, created an especially intriguing installation investigating the polarity of ‘culture’ and ‘nature’ and issues of sensual pleasure for women. Eat Me/Drink Me/Love Me took its title and direction from an allegorical morality poem by 19th century English poet Christina Rossetti. Entitled ‘Goblin Market,’ the poem relates a conflict between virtue and pleasure through a take of temptation, seduction and redemption. The artists used ‘Goblin Market’ as an historical precedent for their own work, exploring notions of sensual pleasure for women within a restrictive, male-dominated culture. By bringing together architectural elements, found objects, and materials form nature, Fleming and Lapointe transformed the Museum’s galleries into an intimate retreat for feminine pleasure that simultaneously evoked domestic and rustic environments, while suggesting the allure and possible danger inherent within those realms.”
-From The New Museum Annual Report, 199
Courtesy the Artist and New Museum