Public Program:
30 Years In, 30 Years Out: AIDS Activism Today: QUEEROCRACY and Visual AIDS
July 19 2012

Successful activism can be seen as the action of many around a host of related issues. Behind every iconic speech, memorable image, and oft-repeated slogan are a plethora of moments involving numerous individuals with various skills, passions, and agendas. For thirty-plus years, AIDS activists have been rallying around medical treatment for those living with HIV, a cure, and an end to the injustice that exasperates the harm of HIV, and makes some people more at risk of transmission.

Join QUEEROCRACY and Visual AIDS as they facilitate a process of what it takes to create an action. An emphasis will be placed on the communicative and community aspect of activism. The goal is to ensure that all those who want to participate in current AIDS activism can begin to find their place of empowerment within the ever-growing and multifaceted movement. Participants will also be invited to join the free QUEEROCRACY bus to Washington DC on July 24 to demand, in a major collective action, that we can end AIDS at the 2012 International AIDS Conference Mobilization.

Courtesy the artist and New Museum, New York