"The Irony of Geology"
July 17 - August 28 1989

The Irony of Geology reveals the irony in society’s tendency to delineate historical periods within the vast continuum of time.  The installation will consist of a diorama evoking several historical periods.  Layers of dirt, brick, and iron filings will be placed against the window, suggesting a stratigraphical cross-section of the earth’s interior.  Above this, Hauft will suspend a map, horizontally, of Manhattan’s Soho district where The New Museum is located.  In reference to the area’s many 19th century cast-iron buildings, the map will consist of piles of iron filings, which will be reconfigured from the rumblings of subway trains underneath the Museum.  The installation will also include a Transit Authority’s arrival schedule for the nearby Prince Street subway station, alluding to seismographic readings of the earth’s movement.

Courtesy the artist and New Museum, New York