"Museum as Hub: In and Out of Context"
August 8 2009 - June 8 2010
“Museum as Hub: In and Out Of Context” marks a new development in the activity of the Museum as Hub. It reveals a partnership of arts organizations looking to pursue experimental methods of exhibition, communication, and collaboration, and considers the consequences of being part of a “hub”—what it means to displace conversations and activity from elsewhere to New York. Major considerations of “In and Out of Context” are the challenges of producing and exhibiting work in differing international contexts.

“In and Out of Context” is conceived as an evolving exhibition that incorporates works commissioned by Museum as Hub partners as well as works by an extended network of artists and organizations from around the world. Central to this presentation is the design of the Museum as Hub space by Choi Jeong Hwa that serves as an “envelope” for the coming year—a flexible, playful, yet functional space that is an active zone for viewing, discussion, and activity. The Museum as Hub space will be activated by public programs such as a seminar series, Propositions, and other informal open discussions. Additional works, projects, and discussions will be introduced to “In and Out of Context” as the project develops to offer new perspectives and demonstrate the evolution of ideas.
Guest curators
New Museum curator
Courtesy the artist and New Museum, New York