Public Program:
Public Movement: Final Action for New York City: Debriefing Session as part of “The Ungovernables,” 2012 New Museum Triennial
April 21 2012
Attendance for this event is extremely limited and email confirmation is required. For further instructions, please RSVP to, subject: “PM Final Action.”

On April 21, Public Movement will hold a private Debriefing Session, revealing key conflicts from the mission. As part of the preparations for “SALONS: Birthright Palestine?” Public Movement negotiated with power structures and various publics, navigating agendas, institutional alliances, backroom politics, and creating fractures across a spectrum of individual and organizational positions. Debriefing Session foregrounds the transitional moment between research and action, turning members of the public into future agents.

Access to the debriefing is limited to twenty-five people. Reservations are required. Each fifteen-minute debriefing is limited to one person and will take place in a public location to be disclosed. If you would like to participate, please write to with “PM Final Action” in the subject line.

PLEASE NOTE: Salon 5: Birthright Palestine? Debate/Vote will culminate in a democratic vote. If the public affirms the idea of Birthright Palestine, Public Movement will proceed with Debriefing Session. If not, the event will be cancelled. Participants in Debriefing Session will be notified via email if the event is cancelled.
Public Program
Courtesy the artist and New Museum, New York