Public Program:
CAMP: Electronic Ear Cleaning as part of “The Ungovernables,” 2012 New Museum Triennial
April 19 2012
This script reading and screening will present CAMP's work in the Triennial in the context of listening, rhetoric, and self-education. The Radia Tape leaks, which the work is based on, have been described as “essential listening for anyone trying to be a journalist.” This invitation could be extended to anyone interested in contemporary India or in the links between communication and politics.

Shaina Anand and Ashok Sukumaran work individually and collectively with other artists, programmers, filmmakers, and theoreticians to investigate the implications of technology in the context of economic and material globalization. Anand and Sukumaran, together with Sanjay Bhangar, founded CAMP in 2007 as a space “in which ideas and energies gather, and become interests and forms.” CAMP has also co-initiated PAD.MA, a deeply searchable online archive of annotated video material, primarily footage and incomplete films. During their residency, Anand and Sukumaran will introduce their practices through a series of public programs and conduct research that will inform their contributions to the “The Generational,” the second New Museum Triennial
Courtesy the artist and New Museum, New York