Public Program:
A Proposition by House of Natural Fiber: Intelligent Bacteria as part of “The Ungovernables,” 2012 New Museum Triennial
March 8 - March 9 2012
House of Natural Fiber’s installation IB : EC [Intelligent Bacteria: Eschericia coli], The song of the river (2012) reveals through ecological experimentation how everyday life in Indonesia is impacted by pollution of its water sources. Based on research collected during their project, Code River Expedition (2011), this work is a response to increasing pollution of the sacred Code River, which demarcates the invisible border of Yogyakarta. In the installation, four DIY microscopes connected to projectors magnify bacterial microorganisms present in water samples collected from the river. The water is then purified through a homemade water-filtration system and fed to plants, to demonstrate its purification. Thursday, 7 p.m. – On Day One of their Proposition, House of Natural Fiber presents an overview of their activities to date and the research that led to IB : EC [Intelligent Bacteria: Eschericia coli], The song of the river. Friday, 7 p.m. – On Day Two, HONF presents an audio performance, based on the amplified electromagnetic signals emitted by plants nourished by purified Code River water in their installation IB : EC [Intelligent Bacteria: Eschericia coli], The song of the river. IB : EC [Intelligent Bacteria: Eschericia coli], The song of the river (2012) is part of a HONF project platform that started in 2004. The first project was titled: ANALYSIS OF BACTERIAL CONSTITUENTS OF THE ACTIVE BENIGN CHRONIC SUPPURATIVE OTITIS MEDIA WITH RIBOSOMAL INTERGENIC SPACER ANALYSIS-POLYMERASE CHAIN REACTION APPROACH. Propositions is a public forum that explores ideas in development. Each two-day seminar introduces a topic of current investigation in an invited speaker's own artistic or intellectual practice. Over the course of a seminar session, these developing ideas are responded to, researched, and discussed to propel them forward in unique ways. House of Natural Fiber, Yogyakarta, is a New Media art laboratory founded in 1999. They concentrate on the principles of critique and innovation. Since the beginning, the House of Natural Fiber has consistently focused on cultural development and New Media art, running numerous New Media art projects and workshops. In every project they concentrate on interactivity with people and environments. In the implementation of their positive and creative vision, they work towards the development of art with technology in every program. This desire to contemplate the future of technology and art is an important endeavor for the technology itself.
Courtesy the artist and New Museum, New York