"Uh-Oh: Richard Baim"
December 12 1986 - February 15 1987

"In this new installation, artist Richard Baim continues his investigations into social and political issues in the context of mass media. Since the late 1970s, he has based his performance / sculptures on both the traditional son et lumiere (sound and light) framework usually employed for touristic presentations, and the more recently developed corporate exposition. The context of Baims works has often been devoted to representations of masculine power and authority by juxtaposing images of public monuments, heroic figures--such as bullfighters or corporate executives--and military displays of parading personnel or battleships and artillery. Alienation is another theme important to Baim, who states that "when all of the displays touting bright futures of leisure time and bountiful harvest have been assimilated, the attendee must withdraw into his/her own insufficient world.

Baim has exhibited both still photographs and installation pieces in numerous group and solo exhibitions, including "Rise and Fall ," at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston earlier this year; "Man in the Street," at the Rotunda Gallery in Brooklyn in 1984; and "Watch and Wait," at Artists Space in 1982."

New Museum curator
Courtesy the Artist and New Museum Archive