"Three Photographers: The Body"
December 12 1986 - January 12 1987

"While varied in their approaches, Dorit Cypis, Monique Safford and Lorna Simpson are three photographers who share an interest in the exploration of aspects of the feminine by focusing on the female body. Their images are not portraits of female nudes in the Western tradition, but rather are a more complex, implicitly feminist investigation of sexuality, representation and pleasure.

Dorit Cypis's large color prints utilize images superimposed one upon the other, creating ambiguous and poetic statements. By employing elaborate framing devices, her works, pushed away from the wall, assume a seductive presence. Cypis, who lives in Minnesota and teaches at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, exhibited her most recent work, The Architecture of Paradise (A Home for Wayward Girls) there this past summer.

The exhibition marks the first time Monique Safford's photoworks have been on view in New York City. These large, semi-erotic black-and white images suggest the effect of collage or still-life groupings of unrelated but associative objects. The accompanying text elicits a response from the viewer, as it implies one means of entering the images portrayed. Recently relocated from Los Angeles, Safford's work was included in the 1986 exhibition "Altered States" at Bard College.

Lorna Simpson also employs a photo/ text juxtaposition in her work. Parts of the human body share space with phrases and bits of text mounted on roughly hewn standing screens. The result is an amorphous and ambiguous statement with the screen functioning as a framing element for the photographic impressions. Simpson is currently a Studio Fellow at PS. 1 in Long Island City. Her work was the subject of a solo exhibition at just Above Midtown Gallery this summer."

New Museum curator
Courtesy the Artist and New Museum