Public Program:
Fatima Al Qadiri: Genre-Specific Xperience Release Party and Screening
October 21 2011
New Silent presents the launch of Fatima Al Qadiri’s new EP Genre-Specific Xperience. For this event Al Qadiri, a New York-based artist and musician, showcases five pieces of music that reinterpret five sub-genres of dance music: juke, hip hop, dubstep, electro-tropicalia, and ’90s Gregorian trance. Al Qadiri collaborated with six artists to create original music videos—these are Kamau Patton, Tabor Robak, Thunder Horse, Sophia Al-Maria, Ryan Trecartin and Rhett LaRue. On the evening of October 21, the videos will be premiered, and Al Qadiri will discuss the process and ideas around GSX with Patton. Album artwork by Daniel Keller and Timur Si-Qin
Courtesy the artist and New Museum, New York