The Window on Broadway: "Triptych: Kristin Jones and Andrew Ginzel"
September 26 - October 26 1986

"The collaborative team of Kristin Jones and Andrew Ginzel has created a window installation of unusual scope, entitled Triptych, presented as a self-contained universe with references to the earth's natural forces and elements. juxtaposed by its placement in perhaps one of the most commercial areas of urban New York, the installation is at once mysterious and accessible, provoking a sense of awe, appreciation and awareness of the surrounding phenomena that make up our environment and that the artists feel are almost extinct in the urban milieu.

"Art should arrest one's attention," the artists have stated, and "seize one from the mania and the frenzy of metropolitan life; draw one into another realm for a moment, permit one to wonder at the very nature of existence." The primary goal of their work is to stimulate a sense of wonder in the mystery of the phenomena of life. Jones and Ginzel's Triptych portrays three divided realms. On the left is pandemonium, with dust storms and swirling spheres. In contrast, the right portion of the triptych is calm: the floor is a landscape of white powder, a scale weighs mounds of white pigment against black, and suspended above, a slowly turning gold hoop gathers momentum until it appears as a sphere. The triptych is completed by a brilliantly lit hemisphere which radiates light from above to the scenes below."1

Courtesy the Artists and New Museum