Public Program:
Night School Public Seminar 11: The Pupil Dilates in Darkness, Raqs Media Collective
January 15 - January 17 2009
What can pupils learn while they dilate at night? Raqs Media Collective fills three Night School sessions with darkness, scrawls, and gray matter. The first evening (January 15, 7 p.m.), “An Illegible Signature,” will feature a Raqs lecture–performance on the questions of legibility, stammering, and shadows. The second session (January 16, 7 p.m.), “The Watches of the Night,” will feature Raqs weaving considerations on time, immeasurability, and darkness into a presentation with film fragments, nightmares, lucid dreams, recordings, and textual marginalia, accompanied by K. D Vyas and his correspondence. The third session (January 17, 3 p.m.), “The Darkness of Gray Matter,” will feature a conversation on darkness and gray matter, neural conundrums, forensic dilemmas, and the wiring of the imagination between Raqs, and Dr. Arani Bose, a neurosurgeon, and Dr. Steven Pacia, a neurologist.

Night School is an artist's project by Anton Vidokle in the form of a temporary school. A yearlong program of monthly seminars and workshops, Night School draws upon a group of local and international artists, writers, and theorists to conceptualize and conduct the program. This month’s seminar is conceived by Raqs Media Collective.

Courtesy the Artist and New Museum