Public Program:
We Remember Stories, Not Facts: Wu Tsang in Residence
June 10 - June 26 2011

We Remember Stories, Not Facts is a series of contextualizing and investigative programs conceived in collaboration with Wu Tsang as part of his residency at the New Museum this June. Each program is designed to illuminate and expand upon various aspects of Tsang’s new film and performance project Full Body Quotation (FBQ). FBQ samples audio clips and quotations from the unknown (and known) cannon of transgender cinema—channeling them into live performance. In the tradition of drag realness, Tsang maintains a studied and irreverent relationship to the social “realities” that produced the original films. By appropriating, re-embodying, and remixing these voices, FBQ explores self-representation and context as a performance in and of itself. Conceived as a follow-up to the performance PIG (Politically Involved Girls), which was presented last year at X-Initative in collaboration with Zackary Drucker and Marriana Marroquin, this is Tsang’s directorial debut. The New Museum presents FBQ as a live performance in November as part of Performa 2011, with subsequent exhibitions of a resulting short film in 2012.

June 10, 2011 7:00pm
How to Cut a Queen: A Conversation with Jonathan Oppenheim, Ivan Monforte, and Wu Tsang
This discussion with artist in residence Wu Tsang revisits the context and impact of Paris is Burning and considers the role that editing plays in documentary storytelling and the politics of representation.

June 23, 2011 4:00-9:00pm
The Table: with Kingdom, Nguzunguzu, and Total Freedom in collaboration with Wu Tsang
The New Museum and Rhizome are pleased to present The Table, a five-hour, day-into-night performance by DJ/producers Kingdom (Ezra Rubin), Nguzunguzu (Asma Maroof and Daniel Pineda), and Total Freedom (Ashland Mines) in collaboration with Wu Tsang.

June 26, 2011 2:00pm
Hail the New Puritan Screening with Charles Atlas and Matt Wolf in Conversation
Exuberant and witty, Hail the New Puritan (85 min) is a simulated day-in-the-life “docufantasy” starring the British dance celebrity Michael Clark. Documentary artist Matt Wolf joins Charles Atlas following the screening in a conversation that explores new possibilities of narrative expression in documentary filmmaking.

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Public Program
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