Public Program:
RE: NEW RE: PLAY - The Table: with Kingdom, Nguzunguzu, and Total Freedom in collaboration with Wu Tsang
June 23 2011
The New Museum and Rhizome are pleased to present The Table, a five-hour, day-into-night performance by DJ/producers Kingdom (Ezra Rubin), Nguzunguzu (Asma Maroof and Daniel Pineda), and Total Freedom (Ashland Mines) in collaboration with Wu Tsang. Presented by Wu Tsang as part of his residency We Remember Stories, Not Facts, The Table is a live performance/webcast that brings together a group of artists who believe in DJing as a form of art. The Table places the four DJs on four opposing sides of a table in the middle of the floor. The artists face each other, working together and/or against each other to produce a constant stream of ad-libbed new ideas in sound. The unusual setup gives the audience an unconventional role as co-conspirator, huddled around the table like students at a schoolyard brawl. The particular placement of the table uses bad feng shui to pleasantly disrupt our experience of entertainment and hospitality. The Table is part of an ongoing series of parties/sound/experiences that began in Los Angeles.
New Museum curator
Public Program
Courtesy the Artist and New Museum