George Condo: Mental States
New Museum version of catalog with specific content for presentation in New York. Text by Ralph Rugoff, Laura Hoptman, Will Self and David Means. Painter and sculptor George Condo (born 1957) has inhabited a broad swath of cultural contexts over his three-decade career, from the early-1980s East Village scene to a collaboration with William Burroughs to making album cover art for Phish and, most recently, Kanye West. Early in his career, Condo was friendly with Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring and briefly worked at Andy Warhol's Factory. Having been included in the Whitney Biennial in 1987, by 2010 he was once again judged so original that a bronze sculpture of his was placed in that year's Biennial. Condo's loose, imaginative approach to portraiture has distinguished him throughout the decades: "There was a time when I realized that the central focal point of portraiture did not have to be representational in any way," he said in 1992. "You don't need to paint the body to show the truth about a character. All you need is the head and the hands." George Condo: Mental States surveys the artist's career from 1982 to the present day, focusing on his portrait paintings but also including a selection of sculptural busts made in materials such as gold and bronze. Organized by theme, and including 100 images of artworks in addition to writings by Will Self, David Means, Ralph Rugoff and Laura Hoptman, this volume explores Condo's relationship to art history, popular culture and contemporary society. This catalogue is publish in conjunction with the exhibition, "George Condo: Mental States." The edition of the catalogue contains 16 additional plates and is only available at the New Museum Store. New Museum; 2011; Hardcover; 11" x 11.75"; 168 pp; 125 color images + 16 additional images exclusive to the New Museum exhibition; ISBN 9781853322891
Southbank Center, London and New Museum, New York