Public Program:
Get Weird: Representing NYC: Nine 11 Thesaurus + The Fly Girlz + Mr. Lif + Zebrablood + more
March 13 2009
The New Museum is proud to host the series launch party of Representing NYC, a new series of youth hip-hop records that pair Brooklyn public school students with Brooklyn-based independent musicians. Curated by Sam Hillmer (of avant-garde chamber ensemble Zs), the first CD in the series brings together members of Brooklyn-based electronic/noise group Excepter with The Fly Girlz, a group of twelve- to fourteen-year-old rappers from Brownsville. To celebrate this much-needed opportunity for young artists to represent their New York and connect to a larger spectrum of creative musicians, this launch party presents a nonstop bash bringing together students from the program with established musicians.
New Museum curator
Courtesy the Artist and New Museum