Public Program:
Re-locating Be(com)ing Dutch and Re-imagining Communities
March 5 2009
Be(com)ing Dutch was a large artistic project in which artists, intellectuals, and creative people contributed questions about identity, what it means to live together in our contemporary world, the role of artists, and the potential position of the museum. This project started and developed in the Netherlands, where the current political debate about national identity polarizes positions. But what does it mean to explore such questions here in New York? Can we take examples from there to think about the local situation here? In this conversation Museum as Hub Fellow Ivet Reyes Maturano will address the social context and work of Be(com)ing Dutch in the Netherlands. The discussion will focus on analyzing the role of the museum as a space of experimentation and hospitality, and reference to specific art projects that explore those notions. Discussants are also invited to bring questions about “Be(com)ing Dutch at a Distance” and share their own experience on similar projects.

This is the first in a series of conversations organized by Museum as Hub Fellow Ivet Reyes Maturano in conjunction with the exhibition Museum as Hub: Be(com)ing Dutch at a Disance.

Guest curators
Courtesy the Artist and New Museum