Public Program:
Degenerate Art Ensemble A/V Workshop
April 11 2009
As part of their weeklong residency at the New Museum, Degenerate Art Ensemble invites you to participate in an open recording session to create recorded sound for their production Sonic Tales, which will be presented on April 16 and 17 in the New Museum theater. This workshop is open to everyone, all ages, regardless of musical training. You can stomp, break dishes, scream, sing, march, and beat on pots and pans, all in the name of art! These sounds will be incorporated into the final presentations of Sonic Tales. Audience recordings made in Seattle in August of 2008 can be heard at

Following the recording session, participants will also be able to participate in the creation of the short music video Bagel Boy—the tragic tale of a small bagel who lives under the constant threat of being devoured by his hungry delusional grandfather and faces the constant jeers and flying cream cheese balls of the other children on the playground. The cast will be taken on a field trip to the Sarah D. Roosevelt Park (just behind the Museum) for an impromptu video shoot. The song in its current state of development can be heard at

Public Program
Courtesy the Artist and New Museum