Public Program:
LEWIS FOREVER in Residence Part 3
June 18 2009
LEWIS FOREVER is in residence at the New Museum for the month of June, presenting new work in progress every Thursday night, responding to your input, and making up their mind as they go along.

The content of LF’s residency will focus on the simultaneous development of a series of a solo projects and a video/live performance project. Throughout, LF will employ a variety of different strategies for investigating and expanding this material in front of a live audience. Each presentation will offer new insights and alterations to the material, which will then inform the following week’s rehearsals and presentation. The audience will be involved as observers and critics have the opportunity to participate and directly interact with LF. LF will use that feedback and respond to it for each subsequent step. LF will, on certain days, open the rehearsal process to willing participants in one of many approaches they are investigating to develop the process of working collectively. Throughout the residency, LF will explore the process of devising and shaping new material as a collective and a family, sharing the unique pleasures and challenges of such a process, while developing new material that will be presented in its finished form later this year in Berlin.

The two projects under development are:

A small bit of text, the representation of a man in a chair, and a mysterious faceless figure in the background engaged in a game of composition with a camera operator, a sound guy, and a strain of jazz music. These are the basic elements of this performative/filmic circumstance where each element is carefully considered as a character. Four main characters emerge: the seated man, the faceless figure, the camera operator, and the sound guy. The four members of LF cycle through, performing each of these characters in a live filmmaking performance that unfolds as a meta-neo-noir murder mystery.

After their experiments in collective vision in Freak the Room, LF proposes a new working model for themselves as a constellation of individuals working independently. Each member of LF will conceive and produce a solo project within an agreed time frame. The completed solo projects will be presented to one another, after which LF will collaborate as a team of curators to work towards finding a unique and specific format for the presentation of the solo works.

Public Program
Courtesy the Artist and New Museum