Public Program:
Warp Films at the New Museum
September 5 2009
Warp Films presents a series of free screenings at the New Museum as part of Warp20.

Today’s screening will begin with Shane Meadow’s feature film Dead Man’s Shoes. This will be followed by selections from the upcoming documentary film All Tomorrow’s Parties, including performances by My Bloody Valentine, Mogwai, Lighting Bolt and more. The screening will finish with selections from the following short film and music video collections:
Warp20 Videos
Warp Film Shorts

Highlights from these collections include:

Pivot – “In the Blood”
Squarepusher – “Planet Gear”
Kasabian – “Vlad The Impaler”
Flying Lotus – “Parisian Goldfish”
Tim Exile – “Family Galaxy”
Maximo Park – “The Kids are Sick Again”
Battles – “Tonto”
Harmonis 313 – “Battlestar”
Tommy Sparks - "She Got Me Dancing"
Metronomy – “Radio Ladio”
Mira Calix and Flat E – “My Sacred Heart”

Warp launched Warp Films in 2001, winning a BAFTA for its very first production, Brass Eye satirist Chris Morris’s film debut My Wrongs… Since then high-profile features have come courtesy of director Shane Meadows, whose masterpieces Dead Man’s Shoes and This is England have enjoyed widespread success, the latter winning Best British Film at the 2008 BAFTAs. 2009 sees development on more features with directors Chris Morris, Richard Ayoade(IT Crowd), and Paul King(Mighty Boosh).

Courtesy the Artist and New Museum