Public Program:
A Conversation about Neuroscience and Art in Conjunction with REPLICA
December 11 2009
Choreographers Jonah Bokaer and Judith Sanchez Ruiz, and visual artist Daniel Arsham will join Suzanne Anker and Michael Maizels for a discussion about art and illusion, mirror neurons, and the intersection of visual art with the metaphors of the neurosciences.

REPLICA is a dance performance examining memory loss, pattern recognition, and perceptual faculties as they apply to the human body. Choreographers Johah Bokaer and Judith Sanchez Ruiz, in collaboration with visual artist Daniel Arsham, create 3-D illusions in this multimedia presentation. The work constructs situations on stage that have no verifiable counterpart in actual physical space. Accomplished through video and stage design, movements are transported to locations that appear to be just outside the sightline of the audience.

New Museum curator
Public Program
Courtesy the Artist and New Museum