Public Program:
Get Weird: Mick Barr + Infinite Body
April 1 2010
Described by Animal Collective’s Josh Dibb as “quite possibly the greatest guitar player on the face of the earth,” Mick Barr has been creating brutal, technical, avant-garde music for the past fifteen years. With the groups Crom Tech, Orthrelm, Quix*o*tic, and Krallice, Barr has explored minimalism, prog, speed metal, chamber music and even pop, always pushing the limits of virtuosity. As a solo artist, Barr creates compositions of repetitive and non-repetitive modular structures with speed, intensity, and a profound inner logic, a vision described by the New York Times as “the solitary-artist extension of death metal; it also could be the rock extension of Coltrane’s Interstellar Space.”

Los Angles-based artist Kyle Parker, working under the name Infinite Body, engages “the post-My Bloody Valentine practice of burying simple melodies and rudimentary structures deep beneath a hyperdelic surface of tactile white noise,” according to Aquarius Records. His expansive, meditative songs build rough, organic drones into transcendent shimmers, striking a balance between fear and calm.

New Museum curator
Courtesy the Artist and New Museum