"Five from Minnesota"
September 21 - October 21 1985

"Argue paints in bold, thickly-applied colors, often depicting the street people he has encountered in Minneapolis. Campopiano, whose works explore human vulnerability and biological deterioration, will create specially for "The Window" an installation of interconnected islands that are surrounded by a pool of water and inhabited by live ants. Darr, who will create a site-specific installation for WorkSpace, constructs works from such materials as tiles, metal, twigs and branches, and water. Some of these unusual sculptures allude to historical monuments and past cultures, while others are kinetic and incorporate running water. Glassman's Cibachrome photographs explore the romantic and emotional aspects of color, by combining natural light and electronic flash illuminations. Murphy's black-and-white photographs deal with issues related to print advertising and the media, and their effects on human behavior."

Courtesy the Artists and New Museum