Public Program:
Public Movement: Actions 2006–10: A Presentation by Dana Yahalomi, Public Movement Leader
February 27 2011
Public Movement explores the political and aesthetic possibilities residing in a group of people acting together. The movement operates in public spaces, and studies and creates public choreographies, forms of social order, and overt and covert rituals. Among Public Movement’s actions in the past and in the future are: manifestations of presence, fictional acts of hatred, new folk dances, synchronized procedures of movement, spectacles, marches, and inventing and reenacting moments in the life of individuals, communities, social institutions, peoples, states, and of humanity. It is a representative group, a selected team of artists, with the prospect of becoming a mass movement. Public Movement was founded in November 2006 by Omer Krieger and Dana Yahalomi, and has since taken responsibility for the following actions: Accident (2006), Ceremony (2007), The Israel Museum (2007), Also Thus! (Acco, 2007), Rally (Rabin Square, 2007), Operation Free Holon, Change of Guard (With Dani Karavan, Tel-Aviv Museum of Art), Public Movement House (MoBY, Bat-Yam Museum of Art), The 86th Anniversary of the assassination of president Gabriel Narutowicz by the painter Eligiusz Niewiadomski (National Gallery of Art Zachęta, Warsaw), Spring in Warsaw (2009), Performing Politics for Germany (2009), First of May Riots (Berlin, 2010), University Exercise (Heidelberg, 2010), Exercise in Citizenship (Tel Aviv University, 2010) and The Reenactment of the Mount Herzl Terrorist Attack (Upcoming). Presentation by Dana Yahalomi, Public Movement Leader. This event is part of a month-long residency supported by Artis Contemporary Israeli Art Fund.
New Museum curator
Courtesy the Artist and New Museum