Audiorecording: The Now Museum - Day 3, Panel 1 - Extending Infrastructures: Platforms and Networks

12 p.m. Introduction by Eungie Joo and Kate Fowle 12:15 p.m.

Panel: “Extending Infrastructures Part I: Platforms and Networks”

The last decade has seen the evolution of new models for institutions that enable the development of new networks and collaborations between artists, curators, and organizations regionally and internationally. These models have established platforms from which to generate programming and accumulate research that goes beyond the national or localized mandates of the traditional contemporary art museum, and instead encourages the accumulation of knowledge and projects through shared concerns based on experience and practice. This has led to new ways of thinking about collecting, recording histories, and producing discourse, as well as extending exhibition models and the involvement of artists in the creation of institutional structures. What are the key issues and practices that have generated these new frameworks?

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