Autoconstrucción, a film by Abraham Cruzvillegas: Screening and Discussion
New Museum curator
Partner museum
Abraham Cruzvillegas screens and discusses his film Autoconstrucción (2009), which was commissioned by REDCAT in Los Angeles. In this work Cruzvillegas presents an abstract portrait of Ajusco, the neighborhood in Mexico City where he was born and grew up. The film describes in detail the materials and dynamics of self-building by people improvising with found materials, dealing with scarcity and specific needs. The houses, built slowly in time, and maybe definitely unfinished, are made of contradictory and unstable fragments and customized strategies, far from traditional architecture’s budget or plans. The film shows the streets, the houses, its façades, and what could be happening inside: couples sharing the joy and the energy of sex.

Co-presented by Dia Art Foundation.

Please note: This program contains explicit content.

On Monday, February 14 at 6:30pm, Abraham Cruzvillegas will lecture on Robert Smithson as part of the Artists on Artists Lecture Series at Dia:Chelsea

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