Media Art in the Age of Transgenics, Cloning, and Genomics
Biology plays an increasingly pervasive role in international society and our lives—a role that artists are responding to with a diverse array of practices. Some have started to collaborate with research labs to engage with organic materials; others buy DIY biology sets reminiscent of the early computer kits of the late ´70s. All are getting their hands into the material of life itself to reflect upon some of the most complex issues society has to deal with: the integration of biotechnology in quotidian life, and the ethical, cultural, and even political consequences of scientific discovery.

Organized and moderated by Regine Debatty, blogger of, this panel explorex what is commonly known as "bio-art" through presentations by artists Caitlin Berrigan, Adam Zaretsky, Brandon Ballengee, and Kathy High.

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