Independent Curators International and the New Museum present The Curator’s Perspective: Weng Choy Lee

On Sunday, December 12, Weng Choy Lee spoke at The Curator’s Perspective, an itinerant public discussion series that featured international curators who distill current happenings in contemporary art, including the artists they are excited by, exhibitions that have made them think, and their views on recent developments in the art world.

Weng Choy Lee is an art critic based in Singapore, and director of Projects, Research & Publications, Osage Art Foundation. Choy Lee’s essays have been published in Broadsheet, Forum On Contemporary Art & Society, Positions: East Asia Cultures Critique, Over Here: International Perspectives on Art and Culture, Theory in Contemporary Art since 1985, and Yishu. He serves on the academic advisory board of the Asia Art Archive, and is president of the Singapore Section of the International Association of Art Critics. From 2000 to 2009, he was artistic co-director of The Substation arts center in Singapore. Choy Lee has a BA in Philosophy from Berkeley, and an MA in English Literature from Mills.

Independent Curators International (ICI) produces exhibitions, events, publications, and training opportunities for diverse audiences around the world. A catalyst for independent thinking, ICI connects emerging and established curators, artists, and institutions, to forge international networks and generate new forms of collaboration. Working across disciplines and historical precedents, the organization is a hub that provides access to the people, ideas, and practices that are key to current developments in the field, inspiring fresh ways of seeing and contextualizing contemporary art.

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