Mary Kelly: Interim
8 in. x 10 in.
Mary Kelly: Interim. 1990; 67 pages; paperback; 14 b/w, 8 color illustrations. INTERIM (1984 - 1989) is one of Mary Kelly's most ambitious projects. Its four parts, Corpus (body), Pecunia (money), Historia (history) and Potestas (power) combine imagery, text and sculpture to create a dense fabric of meanings and voices. An interview with the artist, conducted by Hal Foster, and essays contributed by Norman Bryson, Griselda Pollock and Marcia Tucker examine how this work investigates the major debates on feminism since the 1970s. "I don't believe there can be feminist art, only art informed by feminisms. The difference lies in how these filter through the work, which is essentially the difference between appropriation, or colonization, and a 'deappropriation,' or decolonization, of images of the 'other.' In my view, decolonization depends on a specific contexualization of the discursive space that surrounds these object d'autres. For example, INTERIM is not simply concerned with the imaging problem of feminine sexuality, but with the historicization of the debates that formed that question in the first place." -Mary Kelly, "That Obscure Subject of Desire" (interview), p. 61. Preface by Gary Sangster, Curator. Exhibition Catalogue.
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The New Museum
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