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Impresario: Malcolm McLaren and the British New Wave. 1988; 77 pages; paperback; 38 b/w, 6 color illustrations. Impresario documents McLaren's contribution to British and American worlds of music, fashion and popular culture from the Punk and New Wave eras to the present. Artworks, graphic design, photographs, videotapes, film, clothing, and other items from McLaren's fashion boutiques showcase the Impresario's career from his early days as a self-described "cultural anarchist" to his latest music, theater and film projects. The artist contributes a personal chronology, while essayists Dan Graham, Jon Savage, guest curator Paul Taylor and Jane Withers explore the motivations for and influences of his work. "I learned all my politics and understanding of the world through the history of art...Art schools were islands of the dispossessed. I discovered an incredible critique that has stayed with me up to today.' In fact, McLaren's discovery of this 'incredible critique,' no matter how naively or incompletely he grasped it, has created a continuity between the radical avant-garde artists and the pop world of today - from Futurists, Dadaists, Surrealists and Situationists through to the media subversives of the 1960s and beyond." - Paul Taylor, The Impresario of Do-It-Yourself," p.13. Preface and acknowledgments by Marcia Tucker and William Olander. Exhibition Catalogue.
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Fred Scruton
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