Also Known As
LEWIS FOREVER (LF) is a performance collective founded in 2006 of four siblings: three sisters and a brother; a director, two dancers, and a musician. Living half in New York and half in Europe, half Dominican and half Jewish American, LF is both a performance collective and a bloodline. They make new performance work for theatrical and non-theatrical spaces, present other artists, throw parties, and create other social situations that provide the opportunity to embody ideas and questions surrounding collective versus individual vision, emigration, post-American identity, transient identities, “transnationalism,” belonging, longing, and dislocation. Their work proposes a new model for the family structure, reconfiguring traditional notions. Family being the first society we acclimate to and the group through which we begin to understand the organization of our communities, LF is interested in the family structure as a site for recasting the molds that shape our understandings of the world. LF has presented work for AUNTS in Brooklyn and for Epic, FUEL, and LaborGras in Berlin. LF recently presented its premiere evening length work LEWIS FOREVER : Freak the Room at Performance Space 122 in December of 2008 and for the COIL Festival in January of 2009. They also received support from Harlem Stage Fund for New Work for their production at Performance Space 122.
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