Anne Waldman
Since the 1960s, Anne Waldman is an active member of the “Outrider” experimental poetry community as a writer, performer, collaborator, professor, editor, scholar, and cultural/political activist. Waldman is particularly interested in the performance of her poetry, having described such performance as “a ritualized event in time” and she expresses the energy of her poetry through exuberant breathing, chanting, singing, and movement. She has published more than forty books of poetry, and is the editor of several volumes relating to modern, postmodern, and contemporary poetry. Since 2006, she has performed in collaboration with her son, musician Ambrose Bye. Waldman described herself as a student of Burroughs and Brion Gysin in a 1978 New York Times article, specifically stating: “In my work, it’s been the Cut-Up technique and his use of dreams that I’ve found most useful.” Upon Gysin’s death in 1986, Waldman wrote a poem, “Panrion Gysin,” which began “His voice:/knowledgeable, hip,/caustic/’behind the scenes’/Internationally elegant/with an edge/& his always/’avant’ eye/”
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